Frequently Asked Questions.


MGE connect.com  is a integrated interactive platform for Consultants ,Company  Owners, and Allies like  service providers  allows  them to interact mutually for their specific need in e growing their businesses 

At MGE CONNECT  a Client can:

✔Find out right Consultant as per requirement of  project and can interact mutually
✔ Can advertise / list  project requirement 
✔ Can discuss & Negotiate quote  with Consultant , 
✔ Can monitor progress of work award

✔Can pay Consultant as per commitments  and much more


At MGE CONNECT a Consultant can:

✔ Find out Client and identify listed project  as per  skill set   and can interact with Client 
✔ Can Get detailed information about  new listed projects   
✔Can showcase portfolio ,Capability, Strength, Team, Facilities and Past clientele 

✔ Get awarded work from client as per agreed terms & conditions   
✔ Get payment and much more!


How do I use it?

Using MGE CONNECT.COM is easy. Get started by opening Sign in for free  window on top left side , by clicking it will open another page , will ask  whether you want proceed as Owner or a Consultant . Select your type than input valid email ID ,Contact no. .Create  your own password and re-enter password will allow you to reach to your empty Dashboard .Now  choose a business plan to go ahead .After paying it will be unable us to activate your account and  open other options  like edit profile , view jobs / post a job  etc. The Option on left side of dashboard , it will  display  other  sub menus .Fill forms carefully  like  about you ,contact no. address ,location, image, educational qualification experience ,award ,publications./ and can  choose and send proposal to client with project ID,.   Submit will save your profile. You can view your profile /edit  on side menu to have a look.

Similarly a Client /owner can identify  suitable consultant, can create company profile ,list project and product to get wide visibility .Client can view responses on given ID and interact with consultant or other related entity .

Do I need to pay for it? 

Yes,MGECONNECT.COM registration was free up to 31.12.2019 ,but due to overwhelming responses business plans were introduced w.e.f.01.01.2020  to meet out the operating expenses .One can choose plan for single case or multiple cases . We are committed to provide service to our users  to make the mining community an easier and better place.

Why did we build MGECONNECT portal?

We felt that people got tired of searching too many sites, generalized portal , groups  phone calls  to find our right entity in mining sector  to execute their goals . So we put our brains to work and built MGECONNECT to help everyone in mining industry  truly

What's on your mind?

Just begin with MGECONNECT.COM if you are concerned with mining